As we build our company with your help, feedback & participation, we expand our project slate. Right now, we’re creating a whole new wing of our business to meet the branding needs of artists & entrepreneurs. And all the while, we’re working hard on our core passion projects, which you can check out below…

Meet our current highlight project!

Polyamorous Productions PolyamorousArt - Twice Film Poster
Twice is our debut feature film, which we’ve shot half of already & will be fundraising for soon to complete it & get it out to you. If you want to help make a polyamorous love story come to life on screen, click here!

Fall in love with our passion projects…


Co-Production, Feature Film, Feature Film, Fundraising, Guerrilla Shoot, Passion Project, PolyPlot, Production

Lily Yoga

Development, Passion Project, Series, Transmedia, Web Series

If you need an arsenal of imagery to build an awesome brand, we can create quality content with you!

Polyamorous Productions PolyamorousArt - chat cassis eclair tea


We meet over a hot beverage & treats or via online conference. You tell us what problems you’d like solved, what dreams you want to make real & we listen. And sip & munch.
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Back to our batcave we go to brainstorm creative solutions. We come up with several options, taking into account your goals, budget & beliefs, priding ourselves on clear, unique ideas.
Polyamorous Productions PolyamorousArt - agree woman signing contract


If one of our pitches suits you, this is when you sign on the dotted line. Budgets are always agreed upon in advance with no nasty surprises. This chat/pitch process is free.
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