Lead by founder/producer Sarah Arlen, Polyamorous Productions has been creating digital stories since 2012. Sarah builds a tailor-made team of artists for every project, forming a family around each unique idea. Over the years, our tribe has grown strong with real-world experience, diverse skills & oodles of enthusiasm. Team members & partners work all around the world, our home bases being Paris, London, New York & our official headquarters, San Francisco. We also love to travel, especially when there’s a new challenge or undiscovered location involved…

What makes our productions polyamorous is connected to the word “polyamory,” which means to love many at a time. In our production house, we love many art forms & many love forms. Some of our projects tell stories about people living polyamorous lives, while others explore different themes, but all of our work is dedicated to exploring freedom, consensual love & family. And to be clear, we are directly working towards helping polyamory, equal rights & identity respect become internationally mainstream ways of life. We avoid soapboxing; instead, we wanna make entertaining art that shows new points of view, asks questions with kindness & starts interesting conversations.

Who the heck is Sarah Arlen?

Sarah’s official career story is this: Born & raised in California, Sarah earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of California Berkeley (GO BEARS!) in Theatre, where she focused on acting. While at UC Berkeley, she won the Eisner Award, two Hickman Awards, three ArtsBridge Fellowships, the Pillsbury Award & the Menn Prize. After working at Tony Award-winning Berkeley Repertory Theatre for two years, Sarah moved to Paris when she was awarded a Jack Kent Cooke Graduate Scholarship, which she put to use getting her Master’s Degree in Filmmaking from EICAR, the International Film School of Paris. Following graduation, she won a place in IFP’s Emerging Narrative Program with her first feature film script, which was also nominated for the IFP Grand Jury Prize. That script was also a Top Ten Finalist in the Francis Ford Coppola American Zoetrope Contest. From 2009 to 2012, Sarah took time away from her career to concentrate on raising her son, Soren. She came back to work by launching Polyamorous Productions & resuming her education with producing master classes in London. She now runs this company, continues to produce & create through it, learning new skills every single day.


Sarah’s personal story is this: Hi, I’m Sarah. I’m a polyamorous lady who lives as an American expatriate in Paris, raising my darling son while trying to grow a business. I love what I do. I also love climbing trees. I’m learning how to be a professional photographer in my spare time. I live for collaborating with others, especially if they’re kind & curious folk. Being an entrepreneurial artist is an essential part of my identity. It means the world to me to help fellow artists & entrepreneurs find their voice & build their brand because I think that often when you help make someone else’s dreams come true, you end up building your own dreams as well, winning two-fold. Please help me figure out how to best contribute to the community by joining me on this adventure that I named Polyamorous Productions! For more about me, you can visit

First of all, everything we make has to have the backbone of a story that we love, love, love! With this passion, we make short films, feature films, branding videos, whimsical videos, photography, transmedia, music & more. We want all of our creations to be entertaining! Every time we greenlight a project, we strive to make it accessible, unique, truthful & touching. That applies to our branding work, which includes creating the quality content you’ve gotta have in order to build an awesome web presence, plus the best-practice strategies on how to use your content to authentically engage your audience. As we build our core passion projects, we’re growing our branding expertise & will have case studies to show you very soon…

These are a few of our passion projects…

  • Twice


    Co-Production, Feature Film, Feature Film, Fundraising, Guerrilla Shoot, Passion Project, PolyPlot, Production
  • Death by Omelette

    Death by Omelette

    Co-Production, Guerrilla Shoot, Passion Project, Released, Short Film


    Guerrilla Shoot, Passion Project, Released, Short Film, Video
  • Get The Eff Outta Paris

    Get The Eff Outta Paris

    Co-Production, Guerrilla Shoot, Passion Project, Post-Production, Short Film
  • Lily Yoga

    Lily Yoga

    Development, Passion Project, Series, Transmedia, Web Series
  • Bird and Flight

    Bird and Flight

    Development, Feature Film, Feature Film, Passion Project

Here’s how our skills can strengthen your work…


Do you have an idea for an online training course? Want to raise money with crowdfunding? Need a stand-out intro to explain your work? From a single engaging video to a professionally produced series, we strategize, visualize & materialize moving images that attract & activate your audience for whatever goal you’re working toward.


Having pictures you’re proud of increases your professional image & gives you a big boost of confidence. Our photographers focus on bringing out your confidence & uniqueness in front of the lens to get the headshots, portraits, product photos & social media visuals you need to experience a profoundly positive effect on your career.


Need a reel cut? Could you use some help adding motion graphics to your videos? Why not “hack” the images you have? With existing video footage & photos, we can enhance what you already own to create a stronger storytelling structure & higher quality presentation for your content through the magic of post-production.


Together, we can create a total brand for your business, project or even yourself that publicly clarifies your core values. By project managing talented & trusted designers with over a decade of experience, we produce gorgeously effective websites, brand books, logos, letterhead & business cards that get up online & into your hands in record time.


Struggling with filming yourself for vlog posts? Watching DIY footage & feel you’re missing the mark? Finding it impossible to force yourself in front of a camera? With years of experience both in front of & behind the camera, our award-winning team can teach you to be calm, comfortable & convincing in front of a camera, both in videos & photos.


Great ideas belong out & about in the world. Figuring out how to best get them from your head to their deserving audience is one of our team’s favorite things to do. Both before & after we make media with you, we work hard to come up with ways of translating your concepts into reality, strengthening your story & strategizing how to best broadcast it.

Want to make media together?


We focus our energies on helping three groups of folks: 1) entrepreneurial artists 2) artistic entrepreneurs 3) engaged audiences. The way we define entrepreneurial is this: a person who organizes & manages any enterprise that has considerable initiative & risk. The artists & business creators we admire most are the ones who treat their work with respect, dedication & courage. They take risks, they organize themselves, they pour their resources into their work, they seek out their tribe. Motivation to contribute their talents to the world drive them onward, even in the face of extreme adversity. Audiences who engage with new work that takes these risks is the other essential side of the coin. We’re interested in connecting creators & consumers around the bonfire to exchange valuable stories.


Need a professional website with a great reel, quality photos & a well written bio to boost your career? Looking for career coaching to move you forward? Become a true professional & find new confidence by building an image arsenal with us.


Business builders like you need tons of content, the highest quality you can muster. We can produce photoshoots, visual pitches & video series, plus we can help you plan & execute stacked content, media strategy & campaign materials.


We now hold free monthly online hangouts to meet you & personally introduce ourselves & our latest projects. Join in on our outreach, crowdfunding & grassroots marketing campaigns to forge your personal connection with entertainment.

At this stage in our growth, we produce projects for our artistic slate & also seek commissioned jobs that help artists & entrepreneurs build their brand. If you are an artist who wants to work on our passion projects, whether you’re an actor, writer, director, producer, composer, designer or any other form of expressionist, use the big button below to sign up for our newsletter. Our mailing list is the first place we post casting calls & job announcements, so you can be the first to know what’s opening up in our house. If you’re in need of branding videos, photos, webwork &/or strategy, check out the three simple steps below about how to get the ball rolling towards beautiful branding.

If you need an arsenal of imagery to build an awesome brand, we can create quality content with you!


We meet over a hot beverage & treats or via online conference. You tell us what problems you’d like solved, what dreams you want to make real & we listen. And sip & munch.


Back to our batcave we go to brainstorm creative solutions. We come up with several options, taking into account your goals, budget & beliefs, priding ourselves on clear, unique ideas.


If one of our pitches suits you, this is when you sign on the dotted line. Budgets are always agreed upon in advance with no nasty surprises. This chat/pitch process is free.

The mission of this company is to tell great stories that spread inspiring ideas, mobilize people & spark collaborative conversations. Helping along the evolution of acceptance & education when it comes to human rights, especially where love is concerned, is the main reason we do what we do. Specifically, we openly support polyamorous communities, LGBTQ causes & complete equal rights for women & underrepresented citizens of the world. Each of us has a unique signature when we tell a story; if that signature is never seen, the world can’t benefit from it. Our purpose is to share as many signatures as we can with the world.

When we work, we invest in making the job experience kind, communicative & reciprocal because we want to walk the talk we preach. Why we love our work so much is due to the nature of what it is, but also how we go about doing it. If you’re going to do something this outside the box, you gotta love it & we do.