About This Project

Twice is our first feature film, how exciting! It’s about second chances & how you can recover from heartbreak. The film’s story is told inside the memories of two characters, a woman and a man who start out as friends, become lovers, break up & get back together. Woman is a polyamorous American in Paris who begins the movie being honest with her lovers, but she’s in a closet with the rest of the world about her love-style. Man is an English expat who starts as a womanizer lying to all the ladies in his life except Woman. As the two evolve, both learn to tell the truth to everyone. Told in a unique way, Twice uses the voice-overs of Man & Woman to relate the story with no on-screen dialogue ever heard by the audience, so you will get to experience the inner-world of two diverse points of view remembering the same events. 


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And our short film, I AM POLYAMOROUS, is a two-minute version of Twice told only from Woman’s perspective.


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